Equal-i-zer® Hitch

The Original Equal-i-zer® Sway Control Hitch is the one that got it all started more than 50 years ago, and is still 100% Made in the USA. The Equal-i-zer® brand hitch is the best performing sway control hitch available. That premium performance comes from 4-point Sway Control™ - a technology we invented and that has been proven over millions of miles of highway by thousands of safe and happy customers.

4-Point Sway Control logo4-Point Sway Control™ makes towing a trailer a safer and more comfortable experience. It helps you get to your destination safely and helps you avoid those "white knuckle" experiences when you encounter a gust of wind, or passing semi-truck. The Original Equal-i-zer sway control hitch is the only hitch available with that kind of premium performance, no matter what you tow. photo of the Equal-i-zer® Hitch

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The Fastway® Zip™ breakaway cable & switch system is designed not to drag. The coiled design keeps the cable up off the ground and out of harm's way while you're towing. The Zip cable easily attaches to the tow vehicle with a large spring clip. The universal design quickly and easily replaces almost any broken or damaged breakaway cable you have.

The Fastway® Flip™ automatic jack foot adds 6” to your jack instantly, and flips up and down automatically as you retract or extend the jack.  The Flip jack foot eliminates the hassles of storing and stacking wood blocks, or finding a place to store a removable extension. The Flip jack foot puts itself away each time you use it!   

Photo of Fastway® ONEstep™ tandem axle chock

ONEstep™The Fastway® ONEstep™ is the fast and easy way to chock your trailer securely. Simply hold the cable handle and slide it between the tires with your foot.  Then step down on the scissor arms to firmly lock your trailer in place and lean the cable against the tire.  When you are ready to remove it, pull up on the cable and the chock slides right out.

The NEW Fastway® e2™ hitch eliminates the hassles of using an old chain style hitch with add-on sway control.  Traditional chain-style hitches do not offer sway control.  Their only remedy is to install and hassle with an add-on sway control device every time you hitch up, back up, or unhitch your trailer.  The new e2 hitch gets rid of all of those problems for good.  With an e2 hitch you won’t waste any more time installing, connecting, disconnecting, or storing an add-on again!

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