Progress Mfg. Inc. History

The Family Sleeper 1945 – The Family Sleeper
Ed Hedgepeth started Mobile Manufacturing in Salt Lake City, Utah. Mobile Manufacturing produced hitches, tow dollies, the “Family Sleeper.”

The Equal-i-zer®; Sales Corp. was developed as a division of Mobile Manufacturing.

1977 Trailer Life Ad 1977– Trailer Life Ad 1970’s
During the 1970’s The Equal-i-zer® Sales Corp. published many ads in retail magazines.

The Equal-i-zer® Sales Corp. was turned into Lindon Hitch, Inc.

Lindon Hitch moved to Provo, Utah.

Progress Mfg. - New Provo Facility 2004
Lindon Hitch name is changed to Progress Mfg. Inc. to better represent the company’s value of continuous improvement in products and people.

E2™ Hitch 2006
The E2™ hitch was introduced.

The Fastway® ONEstep™ Chock was introduced.

Zip™ 2009
The Fastway® Zip™ breakaway cable was introduced.

Flip™ 2009
The Fastway® Flip™ automatic jack foot was introduced.

e2™ 2010
The E2™ hitch was rebranded as the Fastway® e2™ hitch, and joined the Fastway line of trailer products.